Iron Footprint Fitness: Motivation through Achievement 

MOTIVATE all women 50+ to sustain regular, achievement-oriented physical activity
and grow their ‘Iron Footprint’

Do you try to exercise but have trouble sticking to a routine?  
Does it take more effort to get to the gym or go for a walk than what you exert while doing it? 
Are you unsure what to do to get all you can from exercise? 
Do you lack confidence in your physical activity self? 
Have you hit a performance plateau?
Are you getting tired of trying to try? 

While understanding its importance, many Iron Cougars struggle to sustain regular physical activity due to inconsistent motivation that often roots to childhood. With limited encouragement and opportunities to participate while growing up many reached adulthood with shallow Iron Footprints, including limited evidence of achievement.  It's no wonder that motivation may waiver!  But that doesn't mean we can stop trying or avoiding. 

The good news: there IS a solution and it's NEVER too late to begin to exercsie, enjoy your physical self or continue to achieve performance benchmarks! 

Iron Footprint Fitness is an approach to physical activity that builds resilient motivation by revealing all the ways you CAN succeed and displaying all the ways you DO achieve in your Iron Footprint. It fits everyone regardless of fitness or skill level, age, belonging to a gym or not, or exercise preference.

How does it work?  

Instead of focusing on what (you perceive) you DONT accomplish or becoming disappointed when you dont see (unrealistic) results, you learn how to identify ALL the ways you DO achieve then showcase it in your Iron Footprint.  Did you complete a workout? - That’s a FitBASE achievement!  Do extra activity or something you have never done before? - That’s a FitBUBBLE achievement!  Hit a personal performance benchmark? – That’s a FitBEST achievement!        

Here's more...


Physical activity is the gift that keeps giving.  It uniquely boosts quality-of life with health protection, vigor, self-esteem, and stress relief; and is a source of fun!  But sometimes we struggle to get from the knowing (we need to do it) to the doing because we:

  • Base our success in unrealistic, body transformation goals, become discouraged when we feel we have failed then lose our motivation to keep trying.      
  • Assess ourselves for what hasn’t occurred – ‘My legs are still fat,’ ‘My arms are still flabby,’ ‘I still don’t have a six-pack’, ‘I’m still a slow runner’ – while failing to recognize what has occurred.  We miss the gains we make while looking for the gains we aren’t going to find’       
  • Approach activity from the ‘I’m going to the gym’ perspective which lacks meaning, a compelling reason to engage, and no basis to determine, identify or recognize achievement.            
  • Form absolutes about engagement based on past history – ‘I’m not active,’ ‘I’m bad at sports,’ ‘I hate to exercise,’ and ‘I’m never going to improve’ – that offer no hope it will be different because we don’t know HOW it can be different.                      
  • Hit performance plateaus because our routines become ‘too routine’ which dulls adrenaline that can drive effort.                

Yet we want to keep trying to try so buy new shoes…new shorts…more training sessions…different energy drinks…a new exercise DVD, which helps, but only temporarily because it doesn’t solve the root of the problem.  So we just stop trying to try.   

Many people begin physical activity programs but struggle to sustain a regular habit due to seeking unrealistic outcomes and becoming discouraged by disappointed results—starting isn’t a struggle sustaining a habit is.

But there is hope.  

The motivation to engage in physical activity is strengthened by realizing success/achievement – success begets success, the more experienced the more anticipated.  

Resilient motivation to sustain regular engagement can be developed by reframing physical activity as a multi-dimensional enterprise, broadly identifying achievement as it occurs across each dimension, and showcasing it as an Iron Footprint - a portfolio of engagement achievement.   

The dimensions of engagement are 1.) participation done as a health-related workout, 2.) participation done separate from and/or in addition to a health-related workout, and 3.) consideration for its performance quality. 

Achievement occurs respective of, and broadly within, each dimension.  It is:     

  • Completing an achievement-oriented, health-related fitness workout (FitBASE)
  • Engaging in activity separate from, and/or in addition to a health-related workout (FitBUBBLE)
  • Trying a new activity (FitBUBBLE)
  • Setting a personal performance benchmark (FitBEST)  

An IRON FOOTPRINT showcases achievement as a permanent portfolio of FitBASE, FitBESTS, and FitBUBBLES that is further imprinted upon each physical activity engagement  

Success begets success! For with success is the realization that we have achieved, the expectation/confidence that we will continue to achieve, and the development of resilient motivation.        

Resilient motivation:
  • Guards against the ‘justs:’ the self-negotiations that result in uninspired gym efforts
  • Repels self-doubting, negative self-talk
  • Fends off the temptation to believe in unrealistic, false-promising outcomes or quick fixes  
  • Resists distractions, excuses, and influences suggesting to not be active
  • Withstands long days at work, short nights of sleep, snarled traffic, and crowded gyms 
  • Patiently, steadfastly, sustains regular physical activity!        

 EVERYONE can collect and experience success in physical activity! 





To get started, please download the GUIDE TO CREATING YOUR IRON FOOTPRINT.

For more information about how to use this approach please access the book Iron Footprint Fitness at

Or visit the companion website that features The Pavilion - a unique, membership platform to compile     your Iron Footprint, access resources to help your engagement, connect with others using the approach and report your FitBRAGS (if you purchase the book you receive free access to the website). 

And dont miss the other resources we are offering as downloads: FAQs and the White Papers Mature Adults and Iron Footprint Fitness; Girls, Women and Iron Footprint Fitness; and Achievement-Oriented Health Related Fitness  

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