Iron Cougar Pledge and Contact Form

I promise to:


v  Forever erase the words shape, sculpt, and tone from my fitness vocabulary, and replace them with muscular strength, endurance and mass

v  Expect the females in my life to engage in physical activity every day – not just invite them to, or hope they will

v  Encourage all females to achieve in activity (not just try hard) and praise them for results (not just effort)

v  Engage in regular (i.e., daily) achievement-oriented health-related physical activity (FitBASE)– cardiovascular exercise within target heart rate and weight training to develop muscular strength or mass

v  Grow my Iron Footprint by regularly attempting new activities (FitBUBBLES, @1 per week) and performance benchmark trials (FitBESTS, @1 perweek)   

v  Embrace competition for how it stirs adrenaline that pumps performance benchmarks (FitBESTS)

v  Put past physical activity painful memories behind me - realize they are an ‘ago’ – and focus on notching my daily achievement in my Iron Footprint


YES, I'm an Iron Cougar

Thank you for becoming an Iron Cougar and helping to mobilize our community.  Yippee!  Game on... 


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