Iron Cougar Mobilizers

INFLUENCE the achievement-oriented engagement of ALL women and girls by mobilizing the
 Iron Cougar community’s unique capacity to motivate each other

Big smiles, Iron Cougars, this is where you are going to shine!  This is right in your wheelhouse, for perhaps unknowingly this is what so many of you have been doing throughout your lives -- mobilizing physical activity engagement for women and girls. 

YOU are a mobilizer!, and this is a very good thing.

An access barrier is anything that impedes, prevents, discourages, frustrates, restrains, or otherwise undermines physical activity engagement or achievement.  One way or another we have all likely been confronted with a situation, person or dilemna thats required a problem-solve, defusion, negotiation or pep talk to ensure or inspire our engagement or that of another woman or girl.   

As mobilizers, Iron Cougars are access providers, and Iron Cougar Fitness wants to capture this community's unique capacity to open access by networking the ways this has occurred -- perhaps you speaheaded advocacy to create a program, or offered a specific motivational tip that inspired a FitBEST (personal record), or figured out a solution to a logistical hurdle. 
All examples are significant, none are insignificant for the gift of mobilizing is its power to uniquely and profoundly give hope.  Share the hope you have given and help us broadcast the hope our community has inspired by using the form below to submit a 'mobilizer,' an example of how you helped open physical activity access or inspire physical activity achievement specific to women and girls.

Iron Cougar Fitness will post the submissions weekly on its platforms.  The collection that results is the Iron Cougar Fitness Footprint, or representation of this community's (ongoing) legacy. 
Thank you for contributing to your community's deepened footprint!    


Iron Cougar Mobilization
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