Distinctive Iron Cougar:

A 50+ woman who has sustained lifelong regular physical activity and
championed-a-cause or caused-a-champion

The physical activity doors were not exactly open to Iron Cougars during their formative years.  Many had to first find the doors to open but prevail they did, for no barrier matched their heart's impelling voice to engage.      

Many Iron Cougars were physical activity 'Firsts;' game changers and role models first to compete on a worldwide stage, but also firsts within their local communities.  No doubt Ms. King's victory over Mr. Riggs is a permanently etched first in the memory banks of many women - but countless other local victories likely are too - Iron Cougars first to join their local gym, or organize a neighborhood walking group, or create a softball league, or demand the park add programming for girls...  

These are Distinctive Iron Cougars, relentless trailblazers who championed causes or caused champions while sustaining regular physical activity across their lifetimes.  

Help Iron Cougar Fitness give due credit to those Distinctive by nominating an Iron Cougar for recognition.  
The criteria for Distinction are having championed-a-cause or caused-a-champion, and sustained regular physical activity engagement across her lifetime.      

Nominations can be submitted using the form below or by email to

Form submission: please fill out each box and hit submit

Email Submission: in the body of the email to
include your nominee’s name, place of residence (you can be general - Minnesota or specific – Minneapolis, Minnesota), and a description of why your nominee is distinctive related to the criteria – the more specificity the better – especially how your nominee has championed-a-cause or caused-a champion.  Iron Cougar Fitness anticipates a broad interpretation of this criteria but it is up to the nominator to provide a clear rationale.  (Note – due to security protocol, we will not open nominations submitted as attachments)

We may contact you to profile your nominee on our platform.  If she agrees to an interview you can respond with her contact information.  We will not provide any contact information to any third party.                 

Distinctive Iron cougars will be announced weekly on our platforms. 

Thank you very much for your help identifying all the Iron Cougars who deserve Distinctive recognition.  Please email us at info@ironcougarfitness.com if you have any questions. 

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