Distinctive Gallery

With gratitude, Iron Cougar Fitness proudly recognizes the following Distinctive Iron Cougars for their lifelong commitment to physical activity and the cause of a champion or championing a cause:

Please check back weekly for postings of Distinctive Iron Cougars.  Thank you.  
  • Arlene S of the greater Los Angeles area.  According to the nomination, Arlene played softball and bowled right up to her passing earlier this year as a '70-plusser'.  She threw 'drop dead pitches' and was instrumental in inspiring other 'old broads' to play softball.  
  • Georgia G of Minnesota.  According to the nomination, before her untimely passing she had a weekly golf game with the other 'girls', many whom she introduced to the game and gave clubs.  She volunteered at the elementary school library for years and always encouraged the kids to read sports books.
  • Princella of Los Angeles.  (see photo below - top).  RARELY, if ever takes a day off. 
  • Heide of Venice.  (see photo below bottom).  At 73 she has 'one foot in the grave and one foot in the gym.'  (The gym definitely, the other I don't think so).
  • Terry H of South Bronx.  At 78 hasnt missed a day of walking in over 30 years!  Especially likes it when the neighbor kids join along.  Some wait outside until she reaches them.  "They are all her kids!"
  • Christine Serino Staver She has very deep footprints...she is an inspiration...she is a longtime runner and all around super example of taking care of yourself.
  • Diana Nyad of the greater Los Angeles area.  64 years young.  Life-Long physical activity participant, author, and supporter.  Most recent accomplishment is swimming 110 miles from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida in 54 hours.  Dreamer and Dream-Inspirerer...   




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